FINALLY..more storage!

This weekend was super busy! We FINALLY built a storage shed in our backyard! The baby clothes and toys are taking over my house and I had to find somewhere to store them all! Only so many boxes can fit in our closets and attic. My poor spare bedroom is looking like a dumping ground for forgotten items! Our new storage shed is 10x10 and has a loft...think of all the baby stuff i'm going to be able to store in there until the next one comes along! I dont know how people store all that stuff until the next amazes me how much STUFF we have! So for the rest of the week i will be making sure everthing is closed tightly in plastic storage bins or wrapping large items like the travel stroller and baby carrier in construction grade trash bags! FINALLY we will have a little more organization to my house!
This is my husband and little brother working on it..
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