Classic turtle sandbox

If you didn't have one, I'm sure you've seen it.........the Little Tikes classic turtle sandbox. I had one and and played in it ALL THE TIME! When we moved we left it at an old house, but my mom bought another one to keep at my grandma's for my little brother(now 17)! that turtle sandbox is at our house! Its been just sitting there at my grandma's house abandoned for years now(my baby sister is 11)! I decided to take it and clean it up for my little man to play with. I knew he liked playing in the sand because that is what he did A LOT during all of our beach trips this summer...but i cant keep him out of that sandbox now! I set it up this weekend and he has played in it everyday since! LOL he throws it all over the place so we'll have to buy a new bag of sand every few weeks. He gets it all in his hair and all, but it keeps him happy and occupied for a long time!

This sandbox definately has passed the test of time(and a few small children)

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The Mom said...

I had a chance to grab a turtle sand box second hand last oh man I wished I had of bought it! My boys (I have 3 now) love playing in the dirt. Great pictures btw!

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