Already A Daredevil...

Yesterday afternoon I heard my 14 month old start moving around and waking up from his nap. I went in the kitchen to get his lunch fixed so that it would be ready when I got him out of his crib.
I RAN up the stairs and THEN Evan started SCREAMING! I threw open his door and sure enough, there he was on the floor!!!!!
I sat there crying with him, rocking him until he calmed down. I was so scared he had hurt himself badly!
I sat there and checked EVERYTHING. Then made him walk around so that I could see he was moving well. So he's fine, he just scared his mommy to death!
I THINK I know how he did it. He leans over as far as he can on his tip toes and kinda jumps and puts one leg up and all his weight just tumbled over..right on his head...NICE!
I THOUGHT the mattress was as low down as possible, but when hubby got home we looked at it and it could go down a little more. I'm glad i have a video monitor though so I can SEE when I hear him moving around! I'll DEFINITELY be paying more attention!
I don't think he's ready for a toddler bed yet. I think he'll just try and keep getting out of it, so hopefully us lowering the mattress just a little more will keep him in there for a little longer!
I can't believe my baby is big enough to do things like this! Time is going by too fast! Pin It!


Brooks said...

OMGosh! That has happened to me! Its scary the first time and then by the 10th time, you are irritated knowing that they aren't going to be hurt, but they are just trying to be escape artists!
As for the crib. All of my girls stayed in the crib as long as I could let them.....

Patrice said...

How scary!! Glad he turned out to be okay!
I left you something on my blog, so go check it out when you get a chance!

Lucky Girl said...

You'll be peeling him off the bookcase and top of the fridge next, if he's anything like mine.

Congrats--you won the PB2 giveaway at my blog! Let me know if you want plain or chocolate, and your mailing address.

Gina said...

The things kids do to scare us. I had put my oldest in a bed at 15mths because she kept climbing out of her crib, and her too, hit her head. So you'd be amazed at how young they can be when they go into their 'big kid' bed for the first time.

Glad he's ok!

Leslie said...

Ah... I remember this. Not too long ago also. They just find new ways to scare you, even after moving out of the crib. But I can totally relate. When my daughter gracefully let herself out of her crib at 13 months, there was no "lower" setting on her crib. So I had to adjust to her being able to neatly climb down herself if she wanted to. Thankfully, it didn't happen often. :)

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