Tiny Love Gymini Kick & Play City Safari Baby Mat + GIVEAWAY & 20% All Tiny Love Products

Tiny Love provided us with a sample to facilitate this product review.

My two kids absolutely LOVE animals! My seven and four year olds still pretend to be one animal or another most days. In fact, we usually get a zoo membership each year because they never tire of seeing and learning about new creatures. So when we had the opportunity to use the Tiny Love Gymini Kick & Play – City Safari baby play mat for baby Joy (coming this May), I was so excited!

She's going to love the fun of the animal theme. Plus, it's going to last for a long time too! It has a ton of hanging attractions for newborns, as well as snaps to create a border and a kick board that plays music when baby kicks it.

Then, when she starts to roll over, we can remove the hanging part of the mat really easily leaving just the mat. There are little flaps to play with and tug on and teethers to chew on keeping her busy and active during tummy time.

That kick board folds down too, so instead of kicking it, Joy will be able to hit or slap it during tummy time and still have her music.

I can even see using this mat for play & snack times as she grows into toddlerhood. In the mean time, before Joy comes, my silly older girls are having fun pretending to be a baby and testing it out. I think it's big sisters approved!

As mom, I think the Gymini Kick & Play is great because it's larger than most play mats allowing baby to play on for a longer time as she grows. It's also a great wipeable fabric! Our downstairs area is all hardwood floors so a large mat that is going to keep my baby girl playing and happy while off the hard floor and easy to clean is a win in my book.

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Vtech Baby Amaze Learn to Talk & Read Baby Doll

Vtech provided us with a sample to facilitate this review.

Everything is "smart" these days.... even baby dolls! The Baby Amaze Learn to Talk & Read Baby Doll by vtech, is an interactive talking baby doll that learns to talk and actually "grows up." The baby starts in "newborn" mode and then the more you talk to her, the more words and phrases she learns and repeats.

The baby has a soft cuddly body with a well disguised battery pack inside. Her face, hands, and feet are hard plastic.

On her bib are three buttons. The first is a pic of a bottle, this is the "Caring" button. If you press this button the baby will tell you what she "needs." Milk, Pacifier, story, etc.
The next button is "Talk With Me," it has the letter A in a text bubbles. If you press this button you are are inviting the baby to talk to you. She will ask you a question and when you answer, she will try to repeat your answer.

The last button on her chest is the "Reading" button. When you press this one you can read aloud to the baby, listen and she will read aloud to you, or you can teach the baby to read.

Baby Amaze comes with 3 Vocabulary books: My Home, Food Fun, and Animals. These books are just like the board books you would buy to teach a real baby to talk by looking at pictures and teaching them the names. These are the books you can read to her, or she can read to you. There are over 70 words for her to learn!

The music button located on the babies belly plays music that the baby hums along too. While the music plays the babies bow also lights up.

Baby Amaze also comes with a bottle and pacifier. She will make sounds sucking on the pacifier and will also drink her bottle.
The baby can also be easily reset back to newborn mode so that your child can teach her again!

My daughter is only one. Currently her favorite things to do with the baby are listen to the music, watch the light up bow, and give her the bottle and pacifier.

Baby Amaze is perfect for my older daughter and younger daughter to play with together. My older daughter can read the books and both the baby doll and my one year old can repeat the words together. This gets a big kick out of everyone!

Guess who is learning in the process of teaching the doll to talk! It's a win win!

When my younger daughter is ready to be the "teacher," we can reset the baby doll to newborn mode and start again. This is definitely a great doll. The perfect mix of a cuddly baby and a learning toy. I would definitely recommend her as a great gift for a special girl. I am planning on purchasing the compatible Baby Amaze 3-in-1 Care & Learn Stroller which is sold separately.
You can get yours at VTechKids.com or ToysRUs.com

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Know Your Ingredients: What to Look for in Skin Care Products

Every few weeks, it seems like you read about a new ingredient that you should avoid at all costs: a new way your lotion or your shampoo or your soap is poisoning you. All those news stories have lead to a boom in organic and natural beauty products, which is great…but can you trust all those leafy green labels and bold “all natural” titles?

If you’d like to expand your beauty routine and try out some new products, here are a few things to look for…and a few things to avoid!

Labels and Packaging
The package is the first step in determining whether a lotion or cream is something you want on your skin every day. Your first instinct is probably to go straight for the ingredients list, but there’s a few simple steps that can eliminate a product long before you slog through all those ingredients. When you’re checking out a new product, start with:

·         “Natural” or “Organic. These words are always a good sign on the label, especially organic. Yes, they’re marketing buzzwords, but they often indicate a company dedicated to natural health and sustainability. Be wary of natural, all-natural, and nature-derived, though! Accordingto the experts at the Environmental Working Group, none of those terms are regulated: a lotion doesn’t have to meet any standards to slap “natural” on a label. It’s a good sign, but always check those ingredients!

·         The Leaping Bunny logo. Grab your favorite lotion out of the bathroom and take a close look at the bottle. Do you see a little outline of a leaping bunny? If not, it may be time to look for a new moisturizer: that logo means that the product is not tested on animals. Not only is animal testing cruel and painful, modern chemistry has made it totally unnecessary. Check any new buy for the leaping bunny logo, or the label “cruelty free” before you add it to your haul.

·         Fair Trade. The global marketplace has given us some downright magical new beauty products, from argan oil to shea butter to coconut oil. These are wonderful, nutritional, and all-natural ingredients…so of course there’s a catch! Ingredientslike argan and shea often come from small farming communities in third-world countries. While the demand is great for those small farmers, you may pay more for a bottle of lotion than the farmers made for 250 pounds of oil. Fair trade products simply guarantee that the growers were fairly paid for their labor: you’ve probably seen the label on coffee and chocolate, but it’s just as important in beauty and skin care.


The Ingredients List
Now for the fun part – that ingredients list. The common knowledge says “if you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it,” but plenty of those long, complicated names are entirely safe, and often entirely organic! There are a few red flags to steer clear of, though. Check your ingredients list for some of these warning signs:

·         Parabens and PEGS. Parabens are a class of preservatives that often turn up in products with lots of plant extracts. They prevent natural ingredients from going bad, but they also have some nasty side effects if they build up over time. On labels, they’ll be listed as a number of different chemicals like benzylparaben or methylparaben. As soon as you spot that “paraben” ending, steer clear!

·         SLS. SLS is short for sodium laurel sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate, common detergents that make soaps and shampoos foamy. They’re non-toxic, but they can be very drying and irritating, especially to sensitive skin and hair. You don’t need to run screaming from SLS, since they’re often present only in very low concentrations. But if you have sensitive skin, take a minute to look up the SLS concentrations in a new product.

·         Fragrance. Fragrance, which often appears on labels as “parfum,” is a tricky one. It’s a catch-all term that can refer to something as simple as rose oil…or it could be a complex cocktail of toxic ingredients. It’s an easy way for unscrupulous companies to hide dangerous ingredients on the label, so be wary of it. Keep in mind, if a scent comes from something simple and organic, like an essential oil, the label will just list that single ingredient, rather than a vague “fragrance” label.

Do Your Homework!

There are plenty of tips, tricks, and guides to help protect both your skin and your health, but none of these tips are guarantees. The best way to choose the best products is to do your own research, and there are tons of sources available to help you. There are also a range of reputable companies out there that provide healthy, natural organic skin care with clear, easy-to-find ingredient lists: HonestCompany’s beauty line is a great example. Don’t let yourself be misled or overwhelmed by sneaky labeling and false advertising: your best resource for finding safe, healthy organic skin products is right between your ears!


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